WELLNESS cosmetics KOSMOTEROS PROFESSIONNEL is one of the basic elements of a WELLNESS approach to preservation of perfect appearance, emotional mood and health for many decades of our lives. These three basic postulates are always in focus of its attention.

Professional WELLNESS cosmetics KOSMOTEROS PROFESSIONNEL are characterized by the following:

  • No preservatives – parabens
  • No artificial dyes
  • No synthetic components
  • Use of fragrances without allergens according to EC No. L26 standard requirements

WELLNESS cosmetics KOSMOTEROS PROFESSIONNEL solve 2 main groups of problems:

  • Universal

    Maintaining constancy of the structural organization of intercellular matrix of the dermis and cellular metabolism at the optimal level

  • Special

    Solution of specific skin problems

Multitherapy principle "Two in one" (2 in 1)

Based on the positioning of the line as a whole, the majority of KOSMOTEROS PROFESSIONNEL cosmetics solves both groups of tasks at the same time and includes both universal and special active components.


A new development of KOSMOTEROS Laboratory in this sphere is a universal natural polysaccharide - peptide complex of a sea origin HYASEALON:

HYA - a unique mix of three molecular modifications of hyaluronic acid

SEA - sea origin of all components of the complex

LON - a complex consisting of a mix of amino acids, oligopeptides, proteins of collagenous type and elastin

HYASEALON is a new generation universal active component, which not only effectively keeps skin structure and homeostasis in optimal condition, but also strengthens the effectiveness of special components in solving specific skin problems.


    • Performs a structure-forming function providing necessary ingredients for the synthesis of dermis components (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, etc.);
    • Maintains the necessary level of skin moistening restoring hydration of dermis and preventing transepidermal water losses;
    • Is an effective biotransport system delivering various active components into deep layers of skin;
    • Protects skin collagen fibers from damaging effects of collagenase;
    • Provides an optimal level of metabolic processes in skin taking part in controlling the mechanisms of dermis components' generation.

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