Forte Cosmetics

Nowadays such traumatic procedures as chemical peelings, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, bioreinforcement, machine treatments with different nature of physical factors and many others have gained wide popularity among specialists.

In this connection there is a need for special cosmetic products allowing to decrease probability of emergence of various side effects after application of such procedures, reduce their painful impact, accelerate recovery of damaged tissues and protect them from influence of aggressive environment during rehabilitation period. In addition, the role of aesthetic factor determining appearance of a patient leaving a beauty salon after carrying out traumatic procedures and seeking to hide visual signs of damaged skin (redness, bruises, hypostases, points of injections, etc.) has increased.

Specialists of KOSMOTEROS Laboratorie (Genève) created a special cosmetic line for professional and home care "KOSMOTEROS FORTE", which thanks to an integrated approach successfully solves these problems.

KOSMOTEROS FORTE is a specialized cosmetic line for skin protection and restoring during and after traumatic procedures of aesthetic medicine. 

Basic issues being solved

Basic issues being solved

    • Protection, pain relief, recovery and cosmetic correction of skin during preparation, conduction and completion of traumatic procedures of aesthetic medicine (mesotherapy, bioreinforcement, chemical peelings, etc.);
    • Fast recovery and protection of injured skin from aggressive environmental factors in the course of home facial, body and hair care;
    • Effective anti-age therapy and correction of defects during daily home facial and body treatments.