Aesthetic Medicine

Products for aesthetic medicine from KOSMOTEROS laboratory are an effective component of WELLNESS approach in relation to man's appearance and internal state and meet three main requirements:



Simplicity of application

KOSMOTEROS MEDICAL (Geneve) is a line of products for aesthetic medicine, which includes a wide range of meso cocktails, rehabilitation and other specialized skin сare products in the course of carrying out aesthetic procedures. A distinctive feature of «KOSMOTEROS MEDICAL» cocktails is the presence in composition of a standardized extract of red grapes, which contain a unique ingredient – Resveratrol.  

Resveratrol is a natural bioflavonoid, which possesses phenomenal properties that are extremely necessary for our skin.
  • Firstly, Resveratrol activates intracellular anti oxidative protection system, reduces the risk of skin cancer when exposed to strong UV-irradiation, and increases the survival rate of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in stressful situations.
  • Secondly, Resveratrol starts the mechanism of rejuvenation of a cellular metabolism activating an expression of genes of anti-aging sirt family.
  • Thirdly, Resveratrol improves trophism of a micro circular channel of skin, ensures prevention of changes of a vascular wall and keeps permeability of vessels on a high, corresponding to tissue requirements level.
Thanks to a synergy effect Resveratrol presence in composition of «KOSMOTEROS MEDICAL» meso cocktails essentially increases effectiveness of other components (vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, etc.) and also provides possibility of their prolonged impact on skin.
Resveratrol provides longer period of disintegration of hyaluronic acid increasing its active interval by 25-30 % and also blocks processes of vitamin C and other active components' oxidation. This phenomenon allows KOSMOTEROS MEDICAL meso cocktails to keep the efficiency for 3-5 months depending on specific features of the patient.

HYATURON® line includes both products for meso therapy and fillers of different purposes created on the basis of various modifications of hyaluronic acid of a bio enzymatic origin. Dermal fillers from HYATURON® line are absorbable, sterile, transparent, isotonic gels consisting of cross - linked sodium hyaluronate of bio enzymatic origin.

HYATURON® line includes:

HYATURON® MESO - injection gel intended for moisturizing skin tissue, restoring facial, neck, breast and back of the hand skin elasticity.
HYATURON® F1 is for correction of small forehead wrinkles of the first type, glabellar wrinkles and also periorbital and perioral wrinkles.
HYATURON® F2 is for correction of oral commissures and severe glabellar wrinkles of the second type, nasolabial folds and lips.
HYATURON® F3 is for increasing lip and cheek volume, correction of very severe wrinkles of the fourth type around the mouth and nasolabial folds.
HYATURON® F-LIPS is for increasing lip volume.