Kosmoteros laboratory has been working in the field of health and beauty for more than 10 years and not accidentally bears the name KOSMOTEROS – symbol of a man carrying the energy of Space (KOSMO) and Earth (TERRA). 


Activities of the laboratory are based on the energy picture of the world

A person has five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). They help a person to consciously interact with the environment.

However, modern person broke off invisible threads connecting him with nature. Our food contains almost no natural substances, we use synthetic substitutes for all that alive and pure that previously surrounded us and influenced all our five feelings. We now watch TV instead of sunrise, listen to noise of cars instead of rustle of leaves, eat taste improvers instead of food, if touch something - it is plastic, if smell something - it is exhaust gas. As a result our body does not get any alive, natural signal from our senses. We lost many channels of interaction with energy of Earth and Space, which is always present in every person. A man carries the energy of Earth and Space and therefore should live in harmony with these global factors of our being.

How to start the asleep internal mechanism of health and return full-fledged, healthy life? How to restore the lost harmony of energy processes?

All nations have their own established for centuries methods of living in harmony with natural forces (yoga, qigong, feng shui and many others).

All of them imply single relationship between our body, emotions and mind. Maintaining this relationship in constant harmony is one of the most important tasks of these doctrines. Each of them gives its own classification of natural energy types (Yin and Yang; Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, etc.).

The main thing for each approach is achievement of energy balance and preservation of it throughout all life.

At the end of the 20th – beginning of the 21 centuries humanity united all these approaches within the concept of "WELLNESS" (great feeling). Its essence is reduced to a very simple thesis: "Everything that makes us feel harmoniously with the universe is Wellness".

KOSMOTEROS laboratory is guided by the philosophy: "Ideal wellness from 15 and older", which has no upper age limit and is based on 5 basic postulates:

1. Healthy life – style 3. Positive spirit
2. Maintenance of good physical shape 4. Excellent health
5. Magnificent appearance

All products and techniques of their application developed by KOSMOTEROS laboratory are aimed at implementation of a 3-step model of WELLNESS effects:


Necessary and correctly selected physical activity, stress-free, with focus on recovery and prevention of injuries, with active assistance of professionals.


Relaxation and release from every day stress taking place in harmonious atmosphere (water, massage, face and body treatments, relaxing music, aromatherapy) or relaxation through movements (tai chi, yoga, pilates, stretching).


Individually developed beauty treatments and nutrition programs taking into account special needs of organism and strengthening the impact of relaxing treatments and physical activity.